Main Course

Surf & Turf

300gm Aged Prime Steer NZ Silver Fern Farms Ribeye steak, cooked best medium/rare, topped with 6 prawn cutlets, with a creamy garlic reduction sauce. Served with a choice of Ranch salad & fries or a medley of seasonal vegetables.

Drink Match: Russian Jack Pinot Noir


Ribeye Steak

300gm Aged Prime Steer NZ Silver Fern Farms Ribeye steak best cooked medium/rare. Choice of Garlic Butter, Cracked Pepper Sauce or Rich Mushroom Sauce.Served with a choice of Ranch salad & fries or a medley of seasonal vegetables.


NZ Lamb Shanks & Mash

Lamb Shanks slowly roasted till tender, braised in a rich rosemary sauce, served oncreamy potato mash accompanied with peas.

Drink Match: Angus the Bull Cabernet Sauvignon


NZ Lamb Steaks

Prime NZ Lamb steaks grilled medium/rare, served with a rosemary jus and medley of seasonal vegetables.


Vegetarian Stir fry

Selection of well seasoned vegetables cashew nuts, crispy noodles pan-fried in garlic, ginger, sweet chilli,hoisin & oyster sauce served on long grain rice.Add strips of grilled chicken $5


Venison Steaks

Wild Fiordland Venison, shot in our local mountains by Faregame served only medium/rare. With grilled field mushrooms,finished with port wine jus & wild berries. Served with medley of seasonal vegetables.

Drink Match: Roaring Meg Pinot Noir 


Pork Ribs

Our famous succulent ribs, smothered in the Chef’s own BBQ marinade.Served with Ranch salad & fries.


Pork Belly

Very tender, slowly braised, with caramelised apple, sage & onion jus, with seasonal vegetables & potato mash. 

Drink Match: Mt Difficulty Target Gully Riesling


Chicken Breast

Chicken breast, with streaky bacon, served with potato mash, mushroom sauceServed with a choice of Ranch salad or a medley of seasonal vegetables.



New Zealand monkfish, oven baked, on sauté potatoes & seasonal vegetables with mango salsa & streaky bacon.Garnished with mesclun, balsamic glaze, fresh tartare & lemon.


Salmon Fillet

Stewart Island Salmon, oven baked on sauté potatoes & baby spinach with a medley of vegetablesServed with hollandaise, balsamic glaze and a burnt lemon.

Drink Match: Ned Rose


Rustlers Roundup

Monday to Saturday Roast from 5pm

Changing Daily, Roast meat served with potatoes, roasted pumpkin, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower cheese sauce,peas & gravy


Rump Steak & Mushrooms

Hearty aged prime steer steak topped with mushroom sauce. Served with Ranch salad & fries.Best cooked medium/rare

Beer Match: Speights Old Dark + dash of raspberry. 


Beef Schnitzel

Rump Schnitzel, fried & lightly grilled, topped with mushroom sauce. Served with Ranch salad & fries


Chicken Schnitzel

Breast fillet crumbed & fried topped with a rich plum sauce. Served with Ranch salad & fries.


Bangers & Mash

Pork sausages on creamy mashed potatoes with peas, grilled onions & lashings of gravy


Lambs Fry & Bacon Stack

Slices of lambs liver & bacon, stacked on mash, with portobello mushroom, grilled tomato, slice of black pudding& lashings of gravy.

Drink Match: Trinity Hill Merlot


Beer Battered Blue Cod

Foveaux Strait Blue Cod, cooked in Macs Gold Lager beer batter, accompanied with homemadetartare sauce and lemon. Served with Ranch salad & fries. 


Ranch Breakfast till 3pm

Bacon & eggs served on toast, with sausage, slice of black pudding, tomato, hashbrowns, portobello mushroom& tomato relish.


Eggs Benedict till 3pm

Toasted muffin with poached eggs & hollandaise with streaky bacon OR spinach and smoked salmon



Fries & Aioli 7
Portabello Mushrooms 6
Bowl fries & sauce 6.5 
Wedges & Sour cream
Seasonal potatoes & vegetables 8
Side Salad 7
Potato Mash
Sour Cream
Sauce .8